hair-cut, hair-style and hair-color in Savigliano

A wide range of high-quality services and a great
value added to each one's beauty and perfect hair

Studio 3 is the perfect place to those requesting a hair-cut, hair-style and hair-color in Savigliano. By using top-quality products and counting on a well-trained and young staff it is possible to offer clients a 360 degrees service, with an all-inclusive perspective that aims to guarantee both clients' beauty and health. Among the many specif treatments available to be requested, there are scalp-treatments, man hair-cut, woman hair-cut, children hair-cut, hair-style, bride hair-style in order to shine in the most beautiful day ( provided both at the saloon and at home), highlights, color, sun-lights ( with foil and brush), toners, permanent-treatment, straightening ( normal and long-lasting), make-up, manicure, extension. A wide and diverse service of specific treatments able to make every session the ideal moment in which taking care of ourselves, our hair and beauty by relying on the best products on the market, like TIGI (, Keratase and L'Oreal (

In the studio, these professionals commit to great hair-styles that follow the fashionable trends and styles with treatments of hair-cut, hair-style, hair-color Savigliano performed by great experts, without forgetting about the classic hair-styles and the possibility to style hair in accordance with each person's taste, in order to establish a strong personality. The styling service is designed for brides which can benefit directly at their houses in order to well-organize their special day, which will always be fondly remembered, and create the most romantic and refined hair-styles, true pieces of art realized to both surprise and enhance the natural beauty of the client.

Colors and highlights are applied with the use of the best products available on the international market which refer to advanced technologies for the color process, with treatments that are not harmful for the hair, on the contrary they allow not to damage it but to moisturize it, with a long-lasting finish and a wide number of shades available to the clients. Moreover, thanks to sun-lights is possible to obtain the same natural result of a sea-summer with the light of the sun and delicate shades. Meches can be added as well, for a contrast that doesn't result excessive,on the contrary they perfectly blend with the rest of the hair. To reach this stage, there are may used techniques, first of all the use of folio and brush; at the studio it is impossible to get bored even during long treatments, thanks to customer-care, a friendly staff and many offered services, such as the big screen.

It is worth to notice also the effects of straightening and permanent treatments applied by the staff of the studio, which result in perfect long-lasting styles, thus ideal to be flawless in every occasion. Furthermore, the many beauty treatments make the studio a highly specialized one for beauty and self-care at 360 degrees, always by using major brands' products and a natural approach that is everything but aggressive: high-level make-up for everyday or special events, manicure to have healthy nails and hands free from skin, perfect to show in every occasion, this is possible thanks to latest nail art techniques. It is also essential to remember the extension, realized only with the best hair on the market to have a fluent hair-style and create particular effects, in which fantasy and personal taste are the only limits.

The TIGI International Creative Team was founded in 2003 by Anthony Mascolo, an authentic hair-style icon. Therefore, the products have been created from hairdressers to other hairdressers and they are world-wide famous for the supply of hair-products, shampoo, shaping gel and even brushes, always considering final results' quality and customer health. Tigi brand has always offered a top-quality education to become top hairdressers, its products are made of several lines, such as Bed Head, “pick and mix” brand, Catwalk, designed especially for the fashion world, and S Factor, a protective and delicate range that provides a thermal-like treatment.

L'Oreal is an international beauty group and with its brand L'Oreal Paris is available in more than 120 nations, with a well-defined philosophy: to innovate and offer customers the most efficient products at the best prize by committing to scientific research, whose sector has always been promoted by the company. L'Oreal uses innovate technologies to develop exclusive products, always safe and effective, easy to use, in order to make these innovations available to everyone for a new culture of beauty and self-care. Nowadays, L'Oreal is partner of major film events in the world, as well as different fashion-weeks.

The Elvive products are among the most famous of the L'Oreal line: these items are designed for colored, dry, damaged, curly, straight and wavy hair, and they are able to deeply moisturize and add shine to hair. Among the most important products there are: Elvive Color-Vive, Elvive Nutrition & Lumière, Elvive Liss silky, Elvive Liss-Intense, Elvive sublime curls, Elvive Total Repair 5, Elvive Re-nutrition, Elvive anti-breaking, Elvive Nutri Gloss, Elvive Multivitamins, Elvive anti-dandruff, and for the man line Elvive anti-dandruff Active Selenium S and Elvive Citrus. Through years great testimonials have used their faces to promote this brand widespread by L'Oreal at the end of the 1990s, for instance Laetitia Casta, Evangeline Lilly, Penelope Cruz and Claudia Schiffer. L'Oreal produces also different skin treatments, based on more than thirty years of experience in the group's laboratories to develop highly effective formulas, always clinically tested to offer every woman a unique treatment experience for a perfect skin, from the anti-wrinkle eyes-area to the anti-wrinkle cream and face-cleaning products.

As regards the colors, these products represent the state-of-the-art and there is a complete range of permanent and semi-permanent colors for blonde, brown, black and red hair, in order to achieve a natural color full of bright shadows. With these hair-dyes it is possible to reach an intense and long-lasting color, perfectly to cover blonde hair or create trendy styles, like shatush, ombre hair, highlights or baylange thanks to the skilled hairdressers of the Studio. The group's styling products may be used to set, define, give volume and create a perfect look with the gel, lotion, lacquer and the mousse from Studio Line's line, to better define the style and obtain great lightness and perfect tightness. A vast make-up offer is provided as well: in fact, L'Oreal Paris has everything that clients' need, like mascara, eye-shadow, foundation, blush, lipstick, nail polish and so on, in this way every woman can enhance her natural beauty and feel free to express herself.

For specific hair needs, which differ from person to person, the studio's professionals offer the Kerastase Line. These are highly professional products that came into being thanks to the research of this brand, which belongs to L'Oreal and aims to treat hair and actuate a true hair renovation throughout treatments known as “ rituals” : yes, beauty rituals in which every step implies great attention and a perfect, careful and refined service with great care of details.

Not only do these products are functional, but also lovely to use with unique fragrances and light formulas. Among the many ranges, it is worth to remember the Nutritive Line, designed for dry, fragile and weakened hair in need of nourishment and brightness; the Spècifique Line, created for people with scalp problems, like dandruff, oiliness, hair loss and peeling scalp, thanks to treatments that are able to deeply cure the scalp and protect it from external aggression, without using aggressive ingredients. And finally Rèsistance, whose formula is the result of accurate laboratory studies to obtain cosmetics based on intensive nutrients to improve hair consistency, protect the hair by stimulating and regenerating it and prevent damages that may be caused by atmospheric agents and heat treatments.