ODS technology (Oil Delivery System). technological innovation: the exclusive ODS technology uses the power of the oil to enhance the coloring system. INOA, a professinoale permanent coloration without ammonia. It provides optimal hair care and a color from the infinite power. It brings to the hair softness of cosmetic agents for the perfection of the surface for a vibrant color. Sublime. Infinitum.


Absolute color. Perfect gray coverage with a rich color, intense and deep. Majirel covers up to 100% of white hair from root to tip your color is perfectly even. Your color dreams come true! The color palette allows wealth to your hairdresser a chance to create unlimited and infinite customization of color result


Tone on tone coloring cream without ammonia. Cover up to 70% of white hair. It fades gradually. rich, deep hues. A bright super result. Softness eccenzionale. Ideal for: to build first color service, make rich, vivid hues.


Tone on tone coloring, PH technology without ammonia acid. light reflections. Shine vinyl effect: single color results even on sensitized hair. Respect and treat the hair for a result natural softness. Ideal for all color services, maximum flexibility. Unlimited possibilities